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Waterjet Cutting & CNC Machining of Stainless Steel Swivel Arm for the Laboratory Equipment Industry in Ohio

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Swivel Arm
Swivel Arm

Swivel Arm Part
Swivel Arm Part

Schenke Tool Co. used our precision CNC machining capabilities to manufacture this stainless steel swivel arm used as part of laboratory equipment.The part started on our Waterjet, the blank was finish machined on our vertical machining center, then the part was milled and welded, all without leaving our shop. This swivel arm is constructed of 304 stainless steel with a highly polished finish due to the requirements of the laboratory setting.

Utilizing CNC milling and CNC turning, as well as our custom fixturing capabilities to design the fixtures for the machining and assembly steps, we milled and tapped the base plate, and turned the base plate and sleeve before TIG welding them together and assembling all four component sections. The final piece had an overall height of 4", with the base plate measuring 16" x 8" and 1.5" thick. Typical orders for this part are 10 - 20 pieces, with a four week lead time for manufacture and delivery, and a total of 30 pieces per year.

Stainless Steel Swivel Arm Specifications

Product Description
  • This Swivel Arm is used within a laboratory application.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Waterjet
  • Cut Base from Stock Plate
  • Design & Manufacture Custom Fixtures
    • Turning
    • Milling
CNC Milling
  • Mill Profile of Base Plate
  • Tapping
CNC Turning
  • Turned Both Sides of Base Plate
  • Turn Sleeve
  • TIG Weld Sleeve to Base Plate
  • Press in Sleeve
  • Assemble 4 Components Together
  • 100% Inspection
Overall Part Dimensions
  • Base Plate:
  • Thickness: 1.500"
  • Length: 16.000"
  • Width: 8.000"
  • Product Height: 4.000"
Tightest Tolerances
  • ±.0002"
Material Used
  • 304 Stainless Steel
Max Material Finish
  • Polished
Industry for Use
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • 30 Per Year
Turn-Around Time
  • 6 Weeks
  • Special Sized Boxing
  • Foam Wrapped to Preserve Polished Finish
Delivery Location
  • Ohio
Standards Met
  • Customer supplied print, 2D DWG CAD Drawing
Product Name
  • Swivel Arm

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