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Schenke Tool Add New Haas CNC Drill/Mill Center for Increased CNC Machining Capacity

Schenke Tool, located in Paradise, PA is constantly adding to our facility to keep up with increasing demand and for continuous improvement. We recently added our new Haas DM-2 CNC Machining Center, allowing us to make parts faster and resulting in reduced costs for our customers. The DM-2 is a compact, high-speed machining center built with proven Haas components and sub-assemblies. The high spindle speed is 15,000 rpm, fast feed rates (1200 rpm) & rapid speeds (2400 rpm) are more than twice that of any other machine in our shop. Tool changes in under a second give us an efficient machine to better service our customers.

For more information you can see this machine in action:

High Speed Machining Steel


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A unique advantage for our customers is that Schenke Tool offers in-house tooling and fixturing, keeping your parts in one location. We offer full job shop capabilities including cnc milling & turning, waterjet cutting on our two 3-axis cutting systems, Automated Robotic Welding, short run stampings and mig & tig welding services.

Schenke Tool has been servicing Industry for over 60 years. Our customers have relied on our extensive knowledge, precise machining and high quality control as we have led the way in part manufacturing and tooling. For more information, please visit our website or call 1- 888-522-7086.