ROBOTIC WELDING: Manual and Robotic

  • Types of Welding Available
    • Robotic Welding
      If you need hundreds of parts welded that need to be very consistent, clean, and at a low cost, allow Schenke Tool Company to weld them on our Robotic Welder.
    • MIG Welding
      Do you need low to medium volume conventional welding for your assemblies, parts, or repairs? Schenke Tool company can weld steel, stainless steel, or aluminum to your exact needs.
    • TIG Welding
      If you require very precise and nearly invisible welds on steel, stainless or aluminum, we can TIG weld very smooth and consistent welds. We are also certified for many types of materials.
  • Capabilities
    • Gauge materials up to 1.25 inches in thickness
    • Two Dual Station robotic welders
    • Robotic Rotating Headstock/Tailstocks
    • Hydrostatic Inspection
  • Material

    We regularly cut the following Materials:

    • Steel
    • Stainless Steel
    • Aluminum
  • Additional Services
    • Assemblies
    • Engineering
    • Prototype
    • Research and Development
  • Industry Focus

    We service these Industries:

    • Agriculture
    • Automotive
    • Electronics
    • Entertainment
    • Hardware
    • Laboratory
    • Lifting
    • Medical
    • Military
    • Power Generating Service
    • Signage
    • Transportation
    • Wastewater
  • File Formats

    Preferred Drawing File Formats:

    • AutoCAD (.DWG,.DXF)
    • SolidWorks (.SLDPRT)
    • STEP (.STEP)
    • Adobe Illustrator (.AI)
Robotic Welding
Robotic Welding
Robotic Welding
Robotic Welding