As a leading manufacturer of precision machined parts, Schenke Tool Co. is used to handling projects across a wide range of applications and industries. In the case study below, we help a returning client create a unique, aesthetically pleasing brass doorknob for a residential construction project.

The Problem

Construction projects – especially residential ones – are often guided by the aesthetics of the individuals involved. Therefore, it often becomes necessary to customize and design products around the specific tastes of the people involved. Recently, a customer who had worked with Schenke Tool Co. in past approached us to request a unique, heavy brass door knob for a residential application.  They required a 2-inch octagonal knob with a length of 1.5 inches, to be used specifically for cabinets and doors. The client required fewer than 100 units of the product, which needed to be of the highest possible quality. A schematic of the brass knob was also provided.

As a manufacturer focused on precision production of specialized parts, Schenke Tool has a wide range of advanced equipment at our disposal; our team can provide robotic welding, precision waterjet cutting, and laser marking services, among many others. To meet this client’s unique needs, we first needed to identify the best approach for manufacturing the brass doorknobs; cost and efficiency of production would depend on the optimization of the manufacturing process.

The Solution

To meet the unique requirements of this particular project, we determined that our advanced turning center with 4th-axis live tooling CNC machine was the best choice. With the ability to reproduce the schematic precisely and meet a 0.001-inch precision tolerance, this CNC machine was perfectly suited for the job.

Capable of turning and milling parts up to 8” diameter x 20” long, we could easily manufacture the knobs to the required specifications. The solid files were used in the manufacturing process making it much more accurate and efficient.

This versatile CNC machine can also handle a variety of materials, ranging from relatively difficult to machine materials such as stainless steel and alloy steels to softer materials like aluminum, brass, and copper. In this particular project, the machine was used to manufacture the specialty doorknobs using brass. The design was octagonal, and the manufacturing process involved a significant amount of milling in addition to live tooling and turning to ensure the finished product was smooth and aesthetically pleasing while conforming to the specified requirements.

The Result

Employing 4th-axis live tooling allowed the products to be delivered in a very short turnaround time. Also, the high precision naturally allowed for less material waste. These factors considerably reduced the client’s production costs.

And while this specific example involves brass doorknobs, it should be noted that the equipment and manufacturing process can be applied across industries. This process is suitable for applications in diverse fields, such as agriculture equipment manufacturing, military applications, and semiconductor manufacturing, as well as applications within the aerospace and automotive industries. The manufacturing process discussed in this case study can also be employed for prototyping, specialty production, and low-volume production. Lead times can be adjusted to meet urgent or unusual requirements.

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