Working with mild steel, Schenke Tool Co. manufactures these clips used in the entertainment industry after waterjet cutting the outside profile, the shape is formed in a stamping operation. Then the through hole and countersink are finished. The part is then black oxide plated. The steel clip is manufactured in lots of 350 pieces with a 3 week turn around time.

The steel clip is stamped to dimensions of 3″ x 1″, and is 3/16″ thick, with the bolt hole feature measuring 5/16″ (within ±.005″). We’ve worked with our Pennsylvania customer to develop an efficient short run stamping operation, typically delivering orders of 350 pieces with 3 weeks turnaround time. This steel clip is manufactured to the specifications of a customer supplied 2D CAD drawing.

Steel Clip Specifications

  • Product Description
    • These stamped Steel Clips are used for within the entertainment industry.
  • Capabilities Applied/Processes
    Water Jet Cutting
    • Cut Clip Blanks before Stamping
    • Form Part
    • Countersink Hole
    • First Article Inspection
  • Specifications
    Overall Part Dimensions
    • Length: 3.00″
    • Thickness: 3/16″
    • Width: 1.00″
    Tightest Tolerances
    • ±.005″ For 5/16″ Bolt Hole
    Material Used
    • Mild Steel
    Max Material Finish
    • Natural
    Industry for Use
    • Entertainment
    • 350 Pieces Short Run-Repeat Job
  • Additional Information
    Turn-Around Time
    • 3 Weeks
    Standards Met
    • Customer supplied print, 2D DWG CAD Drawing
    Delivery Location
    • Pennsylvania (Delivered to Client)